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Hardwood Flooring in Philadelphia and New Jersey

Find a Hardwoord Flooring Company in Philadelphia

Are you looking for the kind of  expert in hardwood flooring Philadelphia loves? We install, finish and maintain beautiful, high-quality and durable hardwood floors.  Our dedicated team covers floors in  homes, shops, galleries, offices, art galleries, sports facilities, restaurants and even churches. We work directly for  residential clients as well as reputable builders.

Our flooring services include: 

  •  Hardwood Floor Installation 
  •  Hardwood Floor Renovation and Restoration 
  •  Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Giovanni Home Improvement has been delivering the kind of quality flooring Philadelphia appreciates to the  area for decades and are proud of the relationships and work we’ve delivered to our clients across the region.

This family run business has developed itself as the trusted provider of premium hardwood flooring New Jersey needs. Consistently delivering first-class customer care, talking clients through the entire process from purchase to install.

If your wooden floors need to be repaired, we can restore them to their original beauty; if they need to be replaced, we can fit a beautiful bespoke wooden floor to delight you. We can fit in all sorts of wooden floor patterns from Herringbone, Chevron, Versailles, Basket Weave or uniquely intricate Marquetry patterns, or any hardwood flooring New Jersey can be proud of.

Most products are available from stock or we can also create bespoke patterns – at a price! Just ask and we can show you the top wooden floor trends that can bring your room to life. The types of hardwoods we use are chosen by our clients and are sourced from suppliers who can certify if the wood is sustainably forested and responsibly transported from their countries of origin. Giovanni Home Improvement keep abreast of new developments in the hardwood flooring industry; the intricate patterns, textures and colors available in the form of engineered wood floors and planks; the evolving technologies that give specialist lacquers and hard wax oils that color, finish and protect your floor’s radiant beauty for longer.  We work quickly and cleanly. We are specialist installers of hardwood floors. 

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Our Other Handyman Services

Hardwood floor refinishing NJ and Philadelphia

Hardwood floor refinishing in Philadelphia is a work of art. That is the product that Giovanni Home Improvement is very proud of. We understand that each type of wood floor has its own unique beauty. We also like to bring it out with our wood sanding, floor sanding, finishing and wood restoration techniques. Restoring hardwood floors reveals that the grain and pattern of the floor previously looked gray and washed out. Our hardwood floor refinishing in New Jersey brings about a new look and a new life for NJ residents.

Expert Hardwood Floor Refinishers in NJ and PA. 

  • Bring your floors back to their former glory with the help of the professionals! 
  • Longer lifespan and improved appearance of your flooring
  • Free on-site assessment and no-obligation quote. 
  • Reliable and certified local floor refinishing specialists 
  • Flexible booking options all week round

What You Can Expect From a Quality Wood Floor Refinishing Service in Philadelphia ?

Unfortunately, wood refinishing doesn't last forever. With excessive wear and tear, your floors not only lose their luster and shine, but are also more susceptible to damage. That's why repainting your hardwood floors is essential to keep them looking good and safe for longer. 

 If your floor has accumulated a lot of deep scratches, has discoloration, or you want to change its appearance to match your new decor, a remodel is the way to go. A complete finishing service includes: 

  • Remove existing paint finishes and level any dents or scratches; 
  • Cleaning and staining wood; 
  • Apply several coats of the new finish. 

As floor refinishers NJ appreciates, this service is available and suitable for hardwood and softwood floors. It is a great service for any property, whether domestic or commercial. If your floors are not damaged much or if you want to restore them, you can choose hardwood floors. This includes lightly sanding the floor and painting the topcoat without removing the old finish. Your floor's ability to cover depends on its condition. A specialist in hardwood floor refinishing for NJ will investigate and advise you on this prior to service. 

You can also choose to re-oil the floor to refresh its appearance. The oil-based coating penetrates the wood, providing some protection. Although oiled floors require more maintenance, they are still popular due to their natural look. Re-polishing wood floors also eliminates the need for sanding - a simple polish will do. 

Limewash is a permanent solution that can be used to color and revitalize floors. Any existing finishes will need to be removed and then whitewashed. Finally, the floor will be sealed with the proper finish.

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Types of Floor Finishes Available

Wood finishes are an important part of the floor restoration process. A good finish makes the difference not only between  a mediocre job and a professional one, but also between a tier that needs work every few months and a tier that lasts for years. We tailor all of our work to exactly what our clients want and require. We make sure to give you all the information we can and the advice you want to help you make the right decision for your floor. There is a wide range of services available to achieve the desired look for your floor restoration. We can use floor color to achieve the perfect color or make a bold statement with whitewash.

We are one of the quality flooring companies Philadelphia depends on

Giovanni Home Improvement is a full service flooring contractor located in Philadelphia PA. We are family owned and operated. We offer a complete range of high quality flooring products for both residential and commercial applications. Consult with our sales team; they can help you pick the right flooring and our experts can install it for you.

We provide our customers with a reliable and stress-free tiling service. Don't be fooled by the cowboys of the brick and mortar industry. Time and  again we are called  to correct the work of someone less qualified. This causes the client to pay twice as much for a job that should have been done well the first time around. 

 For quality stone and tile installation, look no further than Giovanni Home Improvement. With  years of industry experience, we are the one-stop tiling company that delivers the highest quality workmanship. Our  team of experienced tilers is ready to work with you to create a unique, attractive and stylish living space. Our aim is to provide inspiration for all budgets and help create your unique look. 

 Breathe new life into your floors  with our professional services. We provide hardwood floor installation and maintenance  in all areas of Philadelphia and surrounding counties. 

Do you need the help of the best Winnipeg flooring contractors? If yes, get in touch with us immediately. We're a professional team of professional floor installation with vast hands-on experience. Over the years, we have installed different types of floors. Rest assured that your flooring installation project will be in the right hands once you enlist our service.

Flooring comes in different styles. What's more, different floor types have varying manufacturing materials. Finding the right experts to install or repair your flooring is very crucial. At Floor Install Winnipeg, we have the right specialists for repairing or installing any flooring type.

Whether you're looking for the laminate, vinyl, or hardwood install Winnipeg residents and businesses count on; we will help you. Share the details of your project with us, and we will dispatch a team that will come to your property right away. Our crew will assess your property and give you a free floor installation cost estimate. Once you accept our quote, we will proceed with the installation process. Our floor installation service is highly efficient and professional. We strive to ensure that your everyday routine is not interrupted during the installation process. Be 

confident that we will take the shortest time possible to install your flooring without compromising our service quality.

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Get Hardwood Flooring Installation done in Philadelphia

You have probably come across many people that claim they can install flooring in your house. But, are they qualified to do an excellent job? Flooring installation is a significant investment. Therefore, you should give your project to the right professionals. Our flooring contractors in Winnipeg are trained, experienced, and vetted professionals. They are experts with a proven track record of delivering excellence. Whether you need hardwood, vinyl, or laminate flooring, we have the right experts ready to install it for you.

Each of our floor installers is credentialed and licensed. Our crew has also established a sterling reputation among businesses and residents for providing superior services. That means you will be working with the most competent professionals when you enlist our services. We're professional in everything we do. From the moment you contact us, we maintain the highest level of professionalism. What's more, we treat your property like ours. That's because we know what your home or business premises mean to you. Trust us to do a neat and efficient job once you hire us to install your floor.


Windows and Doors Madison WI


Vinyl flooring is an ideal option for property owners with a tight budget. This flooring provides a budget solution with an expensive look. At Floor Install Winnipeg, we install vinyl flooring with different planks, sheets, and tile styles. We can even install a floor that looks like hardwood or tile.

Some of the benefits of this flooring include: 

  • Budget-friendly: Vinyl flooring is an affordable flooring material. That's because its manufacture is not expensive.
  • Style and color: Vinyl floors are ideal for property owners that need style, color, and texture. You can achieve a marble floor, tile, or exotic hardwood look with vinyl flooring. And, you do this at a low cost.
  • Hygienic: Vinyl flooring is easy to clean, just like hardwood. Its installation also creates fewer seams. Thus, mold and bacteria don't have a place to live on this flooring.
  • Durability: Vinyl is ideal for high traffic areas because it's heavily durable. Unfortunately, damage to a single section can necessitate the replacement of an entire plank.

We install high-quality vinyl flooring that lasts longer without losing its appeal. Contact us if you need one of the flooring companies Philadelphia residents trust to install your vinyl floor.



We also install laminate flooring in commercial and residential properties. This flooring's manufacture entails using a thick decorative material sheet placed over a synthetic base or particleboard. The decorative layer comes in different designs. It can even mimic the feel and look of natural wood, stone, marble, or other types of expensive flooring.

If you can't afford the cozy hardwood installation New Jersey residents dream of, this could be an ideal alternative. We can install laminate flooring that feels and looks like the more expensive alternatives at a manageable cost.

Key benefits of laminate flooring include:

  • Easy to care for and maintain
  • It is versatile with many design options that enable it to simulate more expensive flooring materials.
  • It uses advanced flooring technology that makes it durable
  • Laminate flooring provides excellent value
  • Laminate floor installation is highly cost-effective. It's also easy to install and maintain. Simple moping or sweeping will keep this flooring looking amazing.

​Professional Quality and Service

Poorly installed Flooring can cost you more than anticipated in the long run. Although you may save a few dollars initially, a funky flooring installation will reduce the energy efficiency of your home and drive up utility bills. It is important to make sure you are working with qualified professionals when it comes to flooring installations. This ensures that not only are your Flooring secure and weatherproof, but also that they will last for many years without any major problems. Giovanni Home Improvement, Inc. is a trusted home remodel and handyman service with extensive experience in carpentry, installations, repairs, and more. Call us now for professional window and door installation services.

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